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How To Check In with Your Feelings - Sound Healing LAB

How To Check In with Your Feelings

Every time that you wake up in the morning, sit and check in with what you feel inside. Before all the rumble of the day begins. Before your desired cup of coffee. Before the first spoken word to your loved ones. Before the first thought about the to-do list. Just sit. Let the feelings, thoughts, and emotions flow all over you. Staying open instead of closing. Observing instead of judging. Being aware of what it is - just the thoughts and feelings.

Now tell me, my child, what do you feel?

For many it is… I’m going to pause here.

To be honest, I don’t know what other people think or feel, I can only guess that other people are just like me experiencing feelings of love, joy, and fulfillment. And many people, just like me, also experience stress, insecurity, anxiety, self-doubt, or even pain. This is what it means to be a human. Whatever the case, we have to work with our minds to cultivate the positive outcomes.

So the work begins now.

It has to begin now. Not tomorrow or someday. Now. It goes like this: close your eyes and take a deep breath in... slow exhale now. You are in control of your feelings and thoughts, they don’t just appear out of nowhere - there is a vast ocean of emotions that every person is a part of. It’s up to you to choose the happy feelings and let the dark ones go by... back into the ocean. Recently it was tough but don’t give up, my child. Keep dreaming, keep smiling, keep sharing the love of your heart. Everything is already OK.

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