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432 Hz Walnut Healing Flute - Note G Throat Chakra

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This handmade walnut flute in G minor is a potent sound-healing instrument, crafted by an artisan flute-maker and tuned to 432 Hz.

Easy to play thanks to its slightly smaller size, the instrument has a special connection with the Throat Chakra, empowering you to explore your individual voice and communicate your inner thoughts through creative expression.

The Flute in G Minor is tuned precisely to the healing frequency of 432 Hz with a harmonious blend of tranquil lows and bright, vibrant highs that serve as a guide on your journey to a tranquil state of mind.

It plays in the Minor or Major Pentatonic scale, similar to the Native American style, depending on whether the 3rd or 4th hole from the top mouthpiece is covered. Gradually uncover each hole from the bottom to create a beautiful pre-tuned scale.

Our 432 Hz flutes are designed with both utility and beauty in mind. Compact and portable, they are perfect for performances or traveling, while their exquisite handmade quality ensures they'll stand out as an artistic statement in your home.

These flutes are handcrafted in limited batches, ensuring a truly unique feel & experience.

  • Wood: sustainable Walnut
  • Features: wood-burned holes, easy to play, carefully handcrafted in limited quantities
  • Key: G (minor), tuned to the healing frequency of 432 Hz
  • Chakra: Throat, promoting better communication, encouraging self-expression, and boosting confidence
  • Handmade: by an experienced music teacher from a small Turkish village
  • Size: this therapeutic flute measures 20.5 inches (65 cm) in length
  • Free shipping available within the US

As these flutes are handmade, slight variations in measurements and color are to be expected, adding to their unique character.