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432 Hz Walnut Bass Flute Low Dm - Sacral Chakra


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This flute opens up the creative energy! I always say that this is a great instrument to create even if you are not sure how to do that (It's easy). And this walnut wooden flute can definitely help you with exploring the beautiful sound realms!

The Bass Flute in a key of low D creates a low deep tone and is tuned to 432 Hz healing frequency. Relaxing mellow tones and clear warm highs will transport you to another reality.

It plays in the Minor or Major Pentatonic (Native American) scale when you keep the 3rd or 4th hole from the top mouthpiece always closed respectively. Simply open it from the bottom one by one to create a beautiful pre-tuned scale.

The unique design of this 432 Hz bass flute is great for performances, traveling, and displaying at home as a piece of art. Very Limited handmade batches.

  • Wood: sustainable Walnut
  • Features: wood-burned holes, superb breath control, made by hand in small batches
  • Key: low D (minor), healing frequency of 432 Hz
  • Chakra: Sacral, creativity, and pleasure
  • Handmade by a professional music teacher from a Turkish village
  • Size: this healing flute is 25.5 inches (65 cm) long
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Due to the handmade nature of these flutes, please allow slight variations in measurements and color.