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About us

Sound Healing LAB is a musical store with unique instruments founded in Miami, FL in 2019 by Sun Dreval. It was created to spread awareness about how creativity through music and performance positively affects every individual. This kind of creativity is in everyone of us.

Sun Dreval Event Miami FL

"I remember the first time I took a Native flute in my hands back in 2016. It was a simple instrument handmade by local artisans in Tulum, Mexico. I was 28 at that time and had absolutely zero experience with music. As the matter of fact, I was really bad at it.

I was always told that I shouldn't sing or even try playing a musical instrument. Despite the doubt I went with my gut feeling and got the flute. It was the best decision I made in my life. It's been a magical journey that allowed me to open the creative potential that I truly believe everyone has inside of them.

It allowed me to heal, become more present, and perform in front of 150+ people during a yoga event. It proves that nothing is impossible and you already have everything you need to start. I invite you to create your own musical journeys by picking the instrument that resonates with you."

Sun Dreval - Founder & Artist

Sun Dreval Sound Healing Flute