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Koshi Chimes - Made in France

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Authentic Koshi Chimes handcrafted and created by the sound master (Kabir) himself at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains in France, serves as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and profound love for sound.

Experience the Koshi Magic

  • Directly sourced from the master artisan in France, and shipped from the USA
  • Each chime is handcrafted to perfection, embodying meticulous craftsmanship
  • Simply move the chime gently holding it by its cord to produce a crystalline, relaxing sound that mesmerizes and calms
  • A perfect companion for sound therapy, yoga, meditation, or just to enjoy a moment of peace

Four Elements, Four Melodies:

  • Terra (Earth): Instills a sense of stability, abundance, and nurturing, grounding us to Mother Earth (C major: G C E F G C E G)
  • Aqua (Water): Encourages emotional balance, fluidity, purity, and renewal (D minor: A D F G A D F A / Pentatonic)
  • Aria (Air): Symbolizes new beginnings, transcendence, and the power of communication (A minor: A C E A B C E B)
  • Ignis (Fire): Sparks creativity, and energy, and inspires a release from old patterns (G Major: G B D G B D G A / Pentatonic)
  • All Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire):: Experience the full spectrum of sound healing with all four chimes. Feel the grounding influence of Terra, the soothing flow of Aqua, the liberating whispers of Aria, and the transformative energy of Ignis. All four play harmoniously with each other and are ideal for creating a comprehensive and immersive sound therapy ambiance.

Craftsmanship Details

  • The cylinder is a high acoustic quality resonance tube made with thin layers of bamboo treated with natural oil.
  • Comprises eight chords welded with silver, each chime produces a rich symphony of clear rich tones.
  • Precise tuning ensures a magical transition of overtones into principal tones, delivering a musical experience akin to a gentle, circular dance of notes.
  • Chime dimensions: 2.5" (64 mm) diameter, 6.5" (165 mm) length.
  • Loved by sound enthusiasts worldwide since 2010.

Fun Fact: The name 'Koshi' was created by the maker himself, playing with sounds of vowels and consonants. In Japanese, 'Koshi' translates to 'ancient poetry', beautifully resonating with the timeless melody of these chimes.

Join the worldwide community of sound lovers who have cherished the Koshi Chimes since 2010. Choose your element, and let the symphony of sounds guide you on your journey of sound healing.

At Sound Healing Lab we ensure each purchase is an authentic experience that invites you to embrace the ancient poetry of sound that Koshi Chimes offer.