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432 Hz Walnut Flute F# - Heart Chakra

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This Handmade F# Walnut Flute creates a heart-opening sound and is tuned to 432 Hz healing frequency. A clear voice and strong deep lows allow your heart to sing freely when playing this flute bringing joy to the listeners.

It plays in the Native American scale as a 6- or 5-hole flute. The unique design of this flute is smaller compared to the Bass C# Flute and might suit better if you are looking for a flute that's easier to play. Limited series.


  • Wood: sustainable Walnut
  • Chakra - aligned with Anahata, the Heart chakra. It offers balance, calmness, love, serenity, and compassion for the player and the listeners.
  • Size: This healing flute is approx. 22 inches (55 cm) long.
  • Features: wood-burned holes, superb breath control, limited series
  • Key: deep F#, healing frequency of 432 Hz
  • Handmade by a professional music teacher from a Turkish village
  • 432 Hz healing frequency - immerses deep into the body creating a solid foundation for opening up the heart chakra and above providing a sense of calmness in your Life.
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Due to the handmade nature of these flutes, please allow slight variations in measurements and color. Below you can see an example of the Bass C# (left) and the F# Walnut Flutes (right).

Walnut Native Flutes C# vs. F#