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432 Hz Walnut Bass Flute Low C# - Root Chakra

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The Bass Flute in a key of C# creates a low deep tone and is tuned to 432 Hz healing frequency. Super deep low notes and clear warm highs. It plays in the Native American scale as a 6- or 5-hole flute. The unique design of this 432 Hz bass flute is great for traveling, carrying around, and displaying at home as a piece of art. Extremely limited quantities.

Base note of low C# - aligned with Muladhara, the Root chakra. It offers a grounding effect for the player and the listeners.

Benefit - this durable musical instrument and the beautiful sound invite stability into one's life.

432 Hz healing frequency - immerses deep into the body creating a solid foundation for opening up the chakras above and providing a sense of stability on our Life journey.


  • Wood: sustainable Walnut
  • Features: wood-burned holes, superb breath control, very limited stock
  • Key: low C#, healing frequency of 432 Hz
  • Handmade by a professional music teacher from a Turkish village
  • Size: this healing flute is 26.5 inches (67 cm) long
  • Free shipping in the US

Due to the handmade nature of these flutes, please allow slight variations in measurements and color. Below you can see an example of the C# Bass Flutes.

432 Hz Native American Scale Flutes C#