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Experience The Harmony of Solfeggio Singing Bowls: Play & Listen - Sound Healing LAB

Experience The Harmony of Solfeggio Singing Bowls: Play & Listen

Welcome to the immersive world of Solfeggio frequencies. This interactive experience has been designed to guide you through the enchanting sounds of Solfeggio singing bowls, each carrying a specific frequency that corresponds with different energy centers in the body.

Through this exploration, you can delve deeper into the power of these harmonics, listen to each bowl individually, or create your unique healing symphony by playing them simultaneously. Experiment, learn, and let the sonic journey to harmony and wellness begin.


  • The videos can be played simultaneously only on a laptop/desktop due to the Youtube's limitations. You can still play the videos one by one on a smartphone/iPad
  • Use headphones for optimal sound experience


  • Play only 2 or 3 bowls at a time
  • Make sure you stop previous videos that you don't want to play
  • Experiment with different start points on the videos
  • Find your perfect combinations


Combinations to try:

  1. 963 Hz (B4) and 639 Hz (D#4) - The B and D# notes create a perfect fifth interval, a harmonious sound that promotes healing and balance.

  2. 852 Hz (G#4) and 417 Hz (G#4) - Playing these bowls together emphasizes the G# note, creating a powerful resonance that can promote introspection and spiritual order.

  3. 741 Hz (F#4) and 174 Hz (F3) - The F#4 and F3 create a perfect octave, a harmonious interval that can help awaken intuition and bring pain relief.

  4. 528 Hz (C5) and 285 Hz (C#4) - Although these notes aren't the same, their proximity in frequency creates an interesting dissonance that can stimulate transformation and physical well-being.

  5. 396 Hz (G4) - The G4 note works well with all other frequencies, adding a grounding, stabilizing tone to any combination. Try this with the 852 Hz (G#4) for an engaging sonic experience.

  6. 963 Hz (B4), 639 Hz (D#4), 417 Hz (G#4) - These notes create a unique triad that can be used to promote balance and higher consciousness while fostering relationship connections.

  7. 852 Hz (G#4), 741 Hz (F#4), 528 Hz (C5) - These frequencies form a harmonic triad that may assist in promoting spiritual order, awakening intuition, and inducing transformation.

  8. 741 Hz (F#4), 396 Hz (G4), 174 Hz (F3) - This combination creates a strong grounding effect, with a focus on awakening intuition and liberating guilt and fear.

  9. 963 Hz (B4), 852 Hz (G#4), 639 Hz (D#4), 285 Hz (C#4) - The combination of these four bowls can provide a diverse range of healing properties, from higher order consciousness to physical wellbeing.

Explanation of frequencies:

Understanding the fundamental principles of sound and frequency can help elucidate why certain bowls, while physically tuned to one frequency, resonate effectively at a different frequency. This is due to the concept of 'octaves' in music and physics.

An octave is the interval between one musical pitch and another with double its frequency. For instance, if we take a note at a certain frequency, the note one octave higher will have exactly twice the frequency. Similarly, the note one octave lower will have half the frequency. This means that a bowl tuned to 481.5 Hz will also resonate at 963 Hz because the latter is exactly twice the former, placing it one octave higher.

This can be observed in the following Solfeggio bowls:

  • The Fa bowl: Physically tuned to 319.5 Hz, effectively resonates at 639 Hz.
  • The Sol bowl: Physically tuned to 370.5 Hz, effectively resonates at 741 Hz.
  • The La bowl: Physically tuned to 426 Hz, effectively resonates at 852 Hz.
  • The B bowl: Physically tuned to 481.5 Hz, effectively resonates at 963 Hz.

This doubling of frequencies through the octave relationship enriches the harmonics of the bowls' sounds, further amplifying their inherent healing properties. The theory of octaves, though scientific in its essence, is instrumental in understanding the profound effects of sound on our body, mind, and spirit. This insight allows us to appreciate the depth and dimensions of our Solfeggio singing bowls on a whole new level.

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