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6 Things Sound Healing Does to Your Mind & Body - Sound Healing LAB

6 Things Sound Healing Does to Your Mind & Body

What does Sound Healing mean or actually do? Here are 6 ways of how playing a sound healing instrument can lead to a simple "less-stress-better-life" LAB formula.


Scientifically proven that meditation alone dramatically helps with managing the stress. Sounds and music can help you relax and settle down for your practice. While playing a sound healing instrument can be a form of meditation itself

emotional release

Ever had those moments when you just wanted to scream? Now instead of disturbing people around or yelling something that you might regret later, you can literally blow everything out into a flute or release with sound vibrations. It may even sound nice :)

reduce stress

It's a no-brainer that everyone wants to eliminate (or at least manage) their stress. It negatively affects our quality of life, emotional and physical health. Science and billions of people know that having a hobby, such as playing a music instrument brings myriads a positive boost factors, ultimately reducing the stress


When playing a healing flute inevitably your exhales will become longer than your inhales. This is a breath-work practice in its finest which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system promoting calm and relaxation

creativity boost

Playing just for a few minutes gives you an instant boost of creativity that helps you see any situation more clearly. Creativity is a vital factor in order to have a happy life. Being creative allows you to find new solutions quickly, keeps things interesting and leads to a healthier life

creating a ritual

Imagine picking up and holding a sound healing instrument. Feel the texture and how skillfully it was made by hand from a beautiful real wood or molded metal. Now, set your intention. Connect with this sacred instrument. Now play.


The sounds you create make your mind drift away and you've may already forgotten about the day, worries and problems, simply flowing with the sound into the magical oblivion. Returning back to the relaxed happy state of mind.

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