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The Science of Healing with Native American Flute - Sound Healing LAB

The Science of Healing with Native American Flute

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Since the Ancient times of Aristotle various forms of wind instruments have been used to heal people and the planet. It's a known fact that flutes were one of the first musical instruments played by a man.

history Our ancestors have been using flutes as far back as 2000 BCE (it's when the Stonehenge was completed). In rituals, art and entertainment the sounds of the first flutes have been heard in many corners of our planet from America to Asia.

healing No wonder hearing those familiar soothing sounds instantly calms the mind and relaxes the body. According to the research paper An Exploration of Physiological Responses to the Native American Flute by Eric B. Miller and Clinton F. Goss, our heart rate drops and physical responses improve when we hear the music of a Native American flute.

Playing Native American flute will also cause a meditative brain state, increasing alpha and theta brainwave patterns. Using your breath will naturally provide relaxation for your mind and body.

At the same time more rhythmic and expressive sounds can exhilarate your brain. It's when very often an emotional release happens where anxiety, stress or deep emotions are coming out and discharged from your body. It's a good thing when it happens just keep breathing through the experience. You will feel revived and refreshed.

vibration Everything around us is a vibration - the light, the sound, the solid things, the rocks, the trees, even our thoughts. When you are not-aligned with your higher state of awareness, it's possible that you are simply "out-of-tune" and need some calibration. 

Sound instruments and music create waves of specific frequencies, that our ears can hear and our bodies are affected by. It all helps us to align and get back to our selfs.

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Alvaro - May 26, 2020

“It’s possible that you’re simply out-of-tune”. Wow this came right when I needed it. I actually did a Science experiment about this on HS. 9 years later, didn’t expect it to be something that might actually help me on my journey to a better self. Thanks, I’m excited to try it out.

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