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Wood Gong Stand Up To 40" Gong Size

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Large Wood Gong Stand with Easy Plug-in System that doesn't require extra tools for assembly. Made from beech wood in Europe. Works for gongs up to 40" in diameter. Can accommodate small and large gongs. Can be moved around and assembled/disassembled for storage and transportation.

Special Features:

  • Easy plug-in system
  • Stong solid construction for Gongs / Tam-Tams up to 40" [101 cm]
  • Made out of Beech Wood
  • Made in Europe

Dimensions and materials:

  • Solid Beech Wood
  • Height: 58.8" Width: 53" Depth: 21.7" (149cm 135cm 55cm)

*on the video above is the 40" Wind Gong on this large wooden stand