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Tuning Fork Vibrational Foot Peg Attachments

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The Tuning Fork Vibrational Foot Pegs (*tuning forks sold separately) are a great addition for accurately targeting smaller and efficient gliding on larger areas of the body. These attachments are ideal for use in massage and therapy for both humans and animals.

The Vibration Foot has a smooth surface that can be easily controlled on the skin or light clothing.

This accessory can be easily connected to any tuning fork we offer by using a screw at the lower end of the fork. This attachment is compatible with both the Classic and Weighted stainless steel tuning fork series available on our website.


  • Precise targeting of areas
  • For gliding on body areas of humans and animals
  • Smooth surface, easy to control
  • Trouble-free screw attachment
  • Intensifies effect due to the large contact surface

Available in five different variants: 

Full Set - 4 pcs (tuning forks not included):

Includes all four attachments: Small - Gold Flat Small - Gold Round Medium - Gold Round, Large - Silver Round

Small - Gold Flat:

Material and color: ECO BRASS®, Gold
Size: 0.71" x 0.91" / 1.8 cm x 2.3 cm

Small - Gold Round:

Material and color: ECO BRASS®, Gold
Size: 0.79" x 1.14" / 2 cm x 2.9 cm

Medium - Gold Round:

Material and color: ECO BRASS®, Gold
Size: 1,18" x 1,57" / 3 cm x 4 cm

Large - Silver Round:

Material and color: Aluminum / ECO BRASS®,  Silver
Size: 1.57" x 1.97" / 4 cm x 5 cm

*tuning forks not included; works with Classic and Weighted versions of stainless steel tuning forks available on our website; we don't guarantee it will work with aluminum forks or other brands