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149.74 Hz Geomagnetic Field / Detox Weighted Steel Tuning Fork

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Helps to tune in to GeoMagnetic field of the Earth to process emotions and shield from stress factors.

The Therapy Tuning Forks are manufactured in Germany according to Hans Cousto's calculation (The Cosmic Octave). Each tuning fork is tuned exactly to the frequency of the respective celestial body in order to achieve a therapeutic effect.

The Therapy Tuning Forks are larger and heavier than the Standard Tuning Forks. This allows them to swing longer and to be struck less often during a treatment or in the professional therapy area. The Therapy Tuning Forks are made of high-quality nickel-plated steel and have a matte finish.

Earth's magnetic field, also known as the geomagnetic field, is created by the Earth's core out into space, where it protects us from the solar particles defending the ozone layer. People, plants and animals would not survive without it on Earth. The pure strength of Earth's magnetic field helps to maintain liquid water on our blue planet's surface.

Geomagnetic Field: The geomagnetic field has a strong north-south pole resonance and a micro-pulsation spectrum. The minor third above the Schumann resonance (250,56 Hz) the Geomagnetic tuning fork matches perfectly and vibrates in harmony with the Schumann's Tuning Fork.

Therapeutic effect:

  • "The Detoxification of Emotion"
  • responsible for the female principle 
  • helps to understand


  • Chakra: Sacral 2nd (sexuality,creativity, emotional stability), Color: blue violet
  • Handcrafted masterpiece - Made in Germany
  • Nickel-Plated Premium Grade Steel
  • Ergonomically shaped cork handle
  • Engraved logo and tuning info
  • Guaranteed precise tuning to 149.74 Hz [ D# ] - Geomagnetic Field
  • Size: 9.3" (23,6 cm). Weight: 4.5 oz (127 g)