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276 Hz Note C# 11" Crystal Singing Bowl - Handmade in USA, Grade A2

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Experience the intersection of artistry and harmony. This 11" Crystal Singing Bowl, lovingly crafted in New York, is more than just an instrument—it's an exclusive piece of art. As part of a limited edition of six, this Grade A2 masterpiece awaits your discovery.

Unique Features and Characteristics:

  • 276 Hz Note C#4 (+25 cents): Emits a clear and entrancing sound, enriched with captivating harmonics.
  • Handcrafted in New York, USA: A rare gem not mass-produced in China, a testament to New York craftsmanship.
  • 11" Diameter: An impressive size that enhances its presence and resonance.
  • Grade A2: Carefully selected as part of this exclusive collection with minimal imperfections, a testament to its handcrafted origin.
  • Alluring Color: A captivating bluish-greenish pearl hue, so unique that it offers a different visual experience from every angle.
  • Pure Materials: Made from the purest Spruce Pine North Carolina Quartz for unparalleled quality and resonance.
  • Sound Requirements: Requires a silicone or rubber mallet (not included) to reveal its enchanting sound.

This is the exact bowl you will receive, as seen in the pictures and videos, truly one-of-a-kind and exclusive. Seize the opportunity to own this limited edition piece of New York creativity and craftsmanship. Bring this unique masterpiece home today. Final sale.