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310 Hz Note D# 11" Crystal Singing Bowl - Handmade in Brooklyn, NY

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With a symphony of color and sound, this 11" Crystal Singing Bowl represents the epitome of artistry. Handcrafted by local New York artists, this Grade B2 bowl boasts a character that reflects the heart and soul of the city. Its uniqueness is not just a trait; it's an affirmation.

Unique Features and Characteristics:

  • 310 Hz Note D#4 (+30 cents): An enchanting sound, enriched with beautiful harmonics and unique tuning.
  • Handcrafted in New York, USA: A symbol of exclusivity, reflecting the rich artistic tradition of New York.
  • 11" Diameter: A masterful size, delivering the distinct visual and auditory presence of handcrafted excellence.
  • Imperfections: With visible imperfections that showcase its authenticity and character, this bowl tells a story. You can see a naturally formed hollow bubble on the piece, created during the handmade production.
  • Alluring Color: An unnamable bluish-greenish pearl hue, a masterpiece in color that dances with light.
  • Pure Materials: Created from the finest Spruce Pine North Carolina Quartz for unmatched quality.
  • Sound Play: Best played with a silicone or rubber mallet (not included) to discover its deep and harmonious sound.

This exclusive bowl, as seen in the pictures and videos, could be yours. Own a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition piece of New York's artistry. Seize the chance to have this magnificent work of art in your collection. Final sale.