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194.18 Hz Synodic Day / Morning Tuning Fork / Root Chakra

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A Synodic Day (or synodic rotation period or solar day) is the period for a celestial object to rotate once in relation to the star it is orbiting, and is the basis of solar time.

Handmade in Germany using the calculations of Hans Cousto (The Cosmic Octave) to match the frequencies of the Planet. A must-have tool for meditation, yoga, sleep, relaxation, sound therapy and spiritual practices.

  • Chakra - Root 1st, grounding and stability
  • Therapeutic effect: "The life force flowing through", body is flooded with vitalizing energy, strongly dynamizing and activating effect
  • Premium stainless steel - stronger built and superior sound quality compared to aluminum tuning forks
  • Beautiful cork handle - ergonomic durable design for a comfortable grip and prolonged use
  • Use it to tune your body and environment to a higher vibration eliminating redundant energy
  • Includes a natural color cotton pouch for storage and protection
  • Handcrafted masterpiece made in Germany

Tuning and dimensions:

  • Guaranteed precise tuning to 194.18 Hz / note G (3rd octave)
  • Size: 7.1″ (  18 cm). Weight: 2.61 oz / 74 g

    How to use - gently strike the palm of your hand and hold a tuning fork close to the ear. Apply vibration of the forks to various energy points on palms, head, and body using the tip of the handle.

      This fork is also available in the Chakra Tuning Fork Set for All 7 Chakras a wooden holder and Chakra 7 Tuning Fork Set With a Leather Case.