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432 Hz Moon Meditation Chime 49" / 125 cm - Silver Bar & Wood

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Our silver Moon Meditation Chime is great for meditation, relaxation, and therapy exercises. A gentle tap emits a powerful tone that will you focus and redirect your attention to the sounds that are coming from within you. This resonating sound not only forces you to focus, but will have a calming effect.

Yoga and meditation practitioners often use a solo chime to start their classes. All they have to do is tap the rod. The sound catches the attention of the students and serves as a notification that class is about to begin.

Tuned on the base 432 Hz, these meditation offer superior resonance and long reverberation. A decorative crescent moon hangs from the bottom to add a finishing touch to the overall design.

Hold the chimes with one hand and use the other to play the meditation chimes as you stand or walk around your area. Or, attach the chime statically to the top of the aluminum ring.

Vary the number of strikes by using the adjustable clip below the wooden pendulum. The higher you place the pendulum, the fewer strikes will sound. You can stop the strikes completely by positioning the pendulum at the top.

Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum with UV and weather-resistant finish, these chimes are appropriate to use outdoors for up to a year. Please avoid placing them in areas with direct exposure to the elements to prevent rusting.


  • Soft and soothing sound
  • Long-lasting resonance
  • For meditation, relaxation, therapy applications, or even for decorating
  • 1 silver aluminum bar
  • Moon symbol at the bottom
  • Wooden curved top
  • Height-adjustable pendulum
  • Suspension ring
  • Tuning: C5 (432 Hz)

Dimensions: 48.82" (122 cm) height x 11.81" (28 cm) depth

Materials: Ash wood, aluminum, plastic, nylon cord