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144.72 Hz Mars / Warrior Tuning Fork

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Mars is the planet of energy. It helps you to stand up, be noticed and get things done!

The Mars planetary tuning fork resonates in the energizing frequency of power. This is a masculine warrior / Yang energy that gives you the power to tackle things in order to continue. A must have tool for meditation, yoga, motivation, sound therapy and spiritual practices.

  • Premium stainless steel - stronger built and superior sound quality compared to aluminum tuning forks
  • Beautiful cork handle - ergonomic durable design for comfortable grip and prolonged use
  • Use it to tune your body and environment to a higher vibration eliminating redundant energy
  • Energy - strength, courage, logic, rational, masculine, power and confidence
  • Includes a natural color cotton pouch for storage and protection
  • Handcrafted masterpiece made in Germany

How to use - gently strike the palm of your hand and hold the tuning fork close to the ear. Apply vibration of the fork to various energy points on palms, head and body using tip of the handle. You can also place the tip on a flat surface or a drum to create an audible pitch.

  • Guaranteed precise tuning to 144.72 Hz [D3]
  • Size: 7.8" / 19.8cm. Weight: 2.89oz / 82g
  • Chakra: Sacral 2nd, power
  • Associated zodiac: Aries
  • Therapeutic effect: Promotes willpower and energy directed towards your goal