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16" Flower Of Life Hand Drum

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The Flower of Life Hand Drum comes equipped with a hand-selected goat skin head for uniform thickness and warm resonant tones. The lightweight and rugged Siam Oak shell has outstanding acoustic properties and is shaped to allow for a comfortable grip and easy finger placement on the playing surface. The result is a balanced, rich sound with a natural resonance that's perfect for use in drum circles and sound healing.

Flower of Life symbol - represents the origin of all things through sacred geometry connecting you with the origin of the Universe and Yourself. This drum serves as a powerful spiritual tool and reminds you of your connection to the highest truth.

Special Features:

  • Comfortable grip
  • Warm, rich, and resonating tones
  • Great for both live performances and sound therapy sessions
  • 16" / 41 cm diameter
  • Symbol: Flower of Life

Material and Color:

  • Siam Oak (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.), Walnut Brown
  • Hand Selected Goat Head