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Pro Gong Mallet Wooden Felt Beater Black

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The Sonic Energy Gong Mallets have been crafted to empower gong players to create a wide range of dynamics on each gong from a quiet whisper to the loudest roar.

The handles of the mallets are designed for comfortable playing while the head has been engineered for the best possible sound.

Special Features:
  • Hand-Made in Germany 
  • Used by professionals to create a wide range of dynamics 
  • Hot-branded logo and size symbol
  • Choose Small and Large sizes
  • Small: for Gongs up to 28"
  • Large: for Gongs up to 40"

Size and weight:

  • Small: for Gongs up to 28" (71 cm). Weight: 7.76 oz (220 g); Length: 13.39" (34 cm)
  • Large: for Gongs up to 40" (102 cm). Weight: 12.35 oz (350 g);  Length: 16.14" (41 cm)
Material and Color:
  • Sapele wood, Black Felt