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Flower of Life Meditation Chime 36" / 90 cm 432 Hz - Bronze

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Use our bronze Flower of Life meditation chime to enhance your meditation and relaxation therapy sessions. You'll love their magical sound that fills the whole environment with its strong resonance and long reverberation. You'll also love how they'll spruce up your yoga studio or living space!

Tuned on the base 432 Hz, they produce a soft and soothing sound. A Flower of Life sacred symbol at the base of the cord completes the overall design of this chime.

Installation is easy. Simply attach the meditation chime statically to the top of the aluminum ring. Or, you can hold them with one hand and play the chimes with the other as you move about your space.

Control the sound by gently tilting the cord to the side to strike the chimes. Vary the number of strikes by adjusting the clip below the wooden pendulum in the center.

The higher you place the pendulum, the fewer strikes you'll hear. Place the pendulum at the top to stop the strikes.

Our meditation chimes are made from corrosion-resistant aluminum and have a UV and weather-resistant finish. That said, these features wear down when the chimes are hung outside for more than one year.

Hang the chime in an area that receives less exposure to the elements.


  • Soft and soothing sound
  • Long-lasting resonance
  • For meditation, relaxation, therapy applications, or even for decorating
  • 5 bronze aluminum bars
  • Tree of Life symbol at the bottom
  • Round wooden top
  • Height-adjustable pendulum
  • Suspension ring
  • Tuning: G#5, A5, B5, D6, E6 (A4/a' 432 Hz)

Dimensions: 36.02" (91 cm) height x 6.69" (15 cm) depth

Materials: Ash wood, aluminum, plastic, nylon cord