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Three Essence Crystal Singing Bowl Set Notes: E4 B3 G3

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Crafted from pure quartz, the Essence Crystal Singing Bowls emit a soothing tone and exude an enchanting aura. Whether gently tapped or rubbed, its enduring sound radiates and imbues your environment with a peaceful, sound healing energy.

Our Essence Crystal Singing Bowls are characterized by a distinctively clear, rich, and deep sound that can send the player and listeners into a relaxed state. These instruments are lightweight and easy to hold. With their intricately handcrafted shape and specific tuning, the bowls may vary slightly in height to be ideally in tune.


  • The 440 Hz Set containing 3 Essence Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Handcrafted masterpiece with lightweight design
  • Made of high-purity quartz, galvanized for durability
  • Extremely long-lasting resonance with clear, strong, deep, and rich sound
  • 3 tunings for main chakras: E4 Solar Plexus (329.63 Hz), B3 Crown (246.94 Hz), G3 Throat (196 Hz)
  • Galvanized Clear, Creamy, Lotus Pink colors with rainbow and mirror effect
  • Concert pitch (440 Hz) sounds great with classic instruments

What's included:

Everything you need is already here - beautiful clear silicone rings and professional mallets for superior sound & look

  • 3 Highest Purity Quartz Essence Crystal Singing Bowls  (6”, 7", 7.5")
  • 3x White Silicone Rings for Improved Resonance and Look
  • 2x Medium Full-Coated Crystal Silicone Rod Mallet
  • 3x Carrying bag

Notes and size information:

  • 6" / Solar Plexus Chakra: Note E4 (329.63 Hz) - power, purpose and wisdom
  • 7" / Crown Chakra: Note B3 (246.94 Hz) - spirituality, enlightenment, interconnection
  • 7.5" / Throat Chakra: Note G3 (196 Hz) - compassion, lf-expression, authenticity
  • 3 notes create a harmonic match together so you can simply go ahead and play, creating a healing sound bath, everything you need is already included in the set
  • Weight: 7.32 lb / 3.321 kg

You can use our crystal singing bowls for sound baths, relaxation therapy, chakra healing, meditation, physiotherapy, sound therapy, yoga, adjusting your emotional state, or music creation.