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Double Drone Star Flute in Low Eb - Calm & Soothing

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This Native American Style Double Drone Flute is an exquisite handmade piece of art that will fill your home with beautiful, mellow tones. Crafted in the USA with careful detail, this flute is made from Myrtle wood with a pair of Padauk wooden blocks tied with leather straps and finished with a beautiful maple and padauk wood piece, hand-engraved with a striking star symbol.

Its deep, calming tone is easy to produce, allowing a variety of musical notes to flow through its E flat (minor) key. And what’s even better – it only takes one glance at this delightful flute to see that this is a truly original piece – crafted by an experienced artist who takes pride in his work. So take a moment for yourself and enrich your life and home with this charming instrument!

  • Handmade in the USA with careful attention to detail.  Only one was made.
  • Produces mellow calming tones that are easy to play
  • Crafted from durable myrtle wood and padauk wooden blocks
  • Uniquely designed with an engraving of a star symbol and maple pieces
  • An exquisite piece of art made by an artist who proudly stands behind their work

The E flat minor tone has a deep, mellow sound that is both calming and soothing. It creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. *Size is approximately 24 inches.