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Double Drone Flute in Low F - Meditation & Relaxation

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This is a Double drone Native American-style flute, a unique and beautiful instrument that can be used to create a heart-opening sound. Handcrafted in the USA, this one-of-a-kind flute is made of figured Myrtlewood with separate padauk blocks and a blue-color leather tie. It plays a low-range F minor note, which is associated with the heart chakra.

This double drone flute has a deep, rich sound that can be used for meditation or relaxation. The drone creates an ambient atmosphere that will help you achieve inner peace and balance. The handcrafted design ensures that the flute is unique and provides an authentic experience.

Here are some features of this double drone flute:

  • Note of low-range F minor creates a heart-opening sound
  • Handmade in the USA. Only one was made.
  • Crafted from naturally figured Myrtlewood with separate padauk blocks and blue-color leather tie
  • The note is associated with the heart chakra

      The double drone F minor flute is perfect for those who want to explore the healing power of music. With its beautiful sound and calming effects, it's sure to bring joy to your life. *Approximately 22" long