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Crystal Singing Bowl Protective Sleeve Set [PRE-ORDER]


The Protective Sleeve Set for Crystal Singing Bowls is designed to stack your crystal singing bowls safely and securely inside each other. As a result, you need fewer bags and therefore less storage space on your trips.

[PRE-ORDER: we will notify you when it's ready to ship. By ordering, you reserve your place on the waiting list as the quantities are very limited]

Example of an ideal stacking.
To pack your 7-piece Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Set (color or white-frosted), you only need two 14" Bags (XL) and one Protective Sleeve Set.

First 14" Bag (XL):
14" Crystal Singing Bowl, 12" Sleeve, 12" Crystal Singing Bowl, 10" Sleeve, 10" Crystal Singing Bowl, 8" Sleeve, 8" Crystal Singing Bowl.

Second 14" Bag (XL):
13" Sleeve (so it will not move in the bag), 13" Crystal Singing Bowl, 11" Sleeve, 11" Crystal Singing Bowl, 9" Sleeve, 9" Crystal Singing Bowl.


  • Includes six Protective Sleeves: 8", 9", 10", 11", 12", 13"
  • Safely stack your crystal singing bowls inside one another
  • Save space and protect individual crystal singing bowls with soft padding
  • Compatible with our Color and White Crystal Singing Bowls and Bags
  • Perfect for stacking the whole Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Set in just two bags