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128 / 256 Hz Flower of Life 10" Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Note C4

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Crystal Singing Bowls made of high-purity quartz are beautiful musical instruments that produce a pleasant aura with their sound and design. When gently tapped or rubbed, these white-frosted bowls create a long-lasting, spherical tone that spreads throughout the surrounding space, creating a positive energy.

There are several ways to use a Crystal Singing Bowl, such as Chakra healing, meditation, sound therapy, yoga, enhancing the Fengshui of your home, emotional state adjustment, or even as decorative elements for your room.

With its unique sound and design, it can create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that can positively affect your mood and overall well-being. Don't forget to use the included silicone ring to protect your Crystal Singing Bowl while playing and get the best possible experience.

Flower of Life frequency: 128 Hz is a versatile tone that benefits all chakras, strengthens unconditional love for ourselves and others, and has a calming, balancing effect.

Special Features:

  • Made of the highest purity quartz crystal
  • Extremely long-lasting resonance
  • Large-size bowl: provides a very long tone with abundant volume
  • Symbol Flower of Life: All Chakras
  • Note/Tuning: Note C4 (256 Hz) is precisely tuned to enhance healing, easiness, harmony, and open new perspectives.
  • Please note, that while the bowl is physically tuned to 256 Hz, it effectively resonates at the 128 Hz frequency due to the octave relationship. This happens because 256 Hz is exactly twice the frequency of 128 Hz

Size & Weight:

  • Diameter: 10" (25 cm)
  • Height: 7.7" (19,5 cm)
  • Weight: 4.88 lbs (2,2 kg)

What's Included:

  • 1 x 10" 128 Hz Crystal Singing Bowl
  • 1 x white silicone ring for optimal resonance and enhanced sound quality

Please note: Mallets are sold separately. Please choose one from our collection of Singing Bowl Accessories.