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Cosmos Therapy Metal Singing Bowl Set of 3 / 3800g

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Get ready to connect to Cosmos using this handmade singing bowl set - Cosmos Series create unforgettable sound that is ideal for sound journey and relaxation.

COSMOS SERIES Singing Bowls have been designed to accommodate professional meditation and sound therapy workers. With a bellied design created from additional hammering, these bowls generate a sustained deep tone that will fill a room with ambient sounds.
  • Handcrafted masterpiece made in India
  • Engraved logo on each singing bowl
  • Special bronze alloy for improved sound
  • Ideal for professional meditation, sound therapy and yoga
  • FREE extras include: corresponding cover and felt ring for each singing bowl, professional mallet and resonant mallet (made in Germany from Sapele wood)

This singing bowl set includes the following items:

  • Cosmos Series Singing Bowl 800g
  • Cosmos Series Singing Bowl 1000g
  • Cosmos Series Singing Bowl 2000g
  • Professional Mallet Medium 12" (Made in Germany)
  • Professional Mallet Large 13.8" (Made in Germany)
  • Corresponding felt rings and covers