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Sonic Energy Cosmic Bamboo Chime Set 4 pcs with Bag

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The Sonic Energy Cosmic Bamboo Chimes produce soft, resonant tones that fill your space with serene sound.

Use it for meditation, sound baths, and yoga or to create a relaxing space at home for reflection. Hold the cord and gently swing the chime to activate its sound. Inside is a pendulum and a group of metal tines tuned to specific pitches.

Available in four tunings matched to the time of day: Aurora (morning), Sol (day), Luna (evening), and Stella (night). Combine two or more to build contrast in mood.


  • Soft resonant tones using natural wood
  • For meditation, sound baths, and yoga
  • Tuned to match the time of day
  • Wrist strap for easy holding


  • Aurora (Morning) 432 Hz/A4: E5, F#5, A5, D6, F#6, E4, A4, D5
  • Sol (Day) 432 Hz/A4: E5, F#5, G#5, C#6, E6, G#6, G#4, C#5
  • Luna (Evening) 432 Hz/A4: C#5, D#5, E5, A#5, C#6, E6, E4, A#4
  • Stella (Night) 432 Hz/A4: G5, A5, Bb5, D6, G6, G4, A4, Bb4, D5


  • Carrying Bag
  • 4 x Acrylic pendulum
  • 4 x Wooden pendulum

Each chime comes with two additional spare pendulums (acrylic, wood).

Switching between the two pendulums - acrylic (hard) and wood (soft) - easily modifies the tone. Insert the clasp end of the pendulum through the bottom of the chimes. Attach the clasp to the hook on the wood crossbar. Pull the braided cord straight and pick it up to play the chimes.

Materials: Cherry wood; White Oak; Walnut; Eucalyptus wood; Bamboo; Rosewood; Alloy Steel; Polyester; Heavy-duty nylon; Zambesi Redwood; Acrylic


  • Chime: 2.6"/ 6.5 cm diameter, 17" / 43 cm height
  • Carrying Bag: 8" / 21.5 cm diameter, 7.5" / 19 cm height

Total Weight (with bag): 2 lbs / 900 g