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Chakra Singing Bowl Set - 7 Handmade Sound Healing Bowls

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Align all 7 chakras with these amazing handcrafted singing bowls. Includes everything you need for your practice!

The MEINL Singing Bowls Chakra Set offers seven different singing bowls for every chakra in one set.

  • Each bowl is a handcrafted masterpiece (Made in India)
  • Premium special bronze alloy for pure sound and strong vibrations
  • Engraved logo on each bowl for easy identification
  • FREE corresponding covers and felt rings for each singing bowl (Made in India)
  • FREE mallets / resonant mallet with wooden handles (Made in India)
  • FREE shipping in the USA from family-owned US company


SB-E-2200 Bronze Singing Bowl

Root 2200g

SB-E-1800 Bronze Singing Bowl

Sacral 1800g

SB-C-1500 Bronze Singing Bowl

Solar 1500g

SB-E-1400 Bronze Singing Bowl

Heart 1400g

SB-E-1000 Bronze Singing Bowl

Throat 1000g

SB-E-700 Bronze Singing Bowl

Third Eye 700g

SB-C-250 Bronze Singing Bowl

Crown 250g

Professional Double Mallet Felt Tips X-Large

Double Mallet

Large Mallet with Large Felt Tip

X-Large Mallet

Standard Mallet with Large Felt Tip

Large Mallet

Long Mallet with Small Felt Tip

Medium Mallet

Short Mallet with Small Felt Tip

Small Mallet

7 Storage Covers Included

Covers for each bowl

7 Felt Rings Included

Felt rings for each bowl

Engraved Logos on Each Bowl

Engraved designations

Helpful tips:

  • Choosing the right mallet head size, shape and material will help you achieve the desired sound from your singing bowls. Experiment with it!
  • Place the bowls on the body energy centers (chakras) to experience positive vibrations. Gently press in the center of the bowls with your free hand while striking to keep the bowls steady
  • For crown chakra activate the small hanging bowl and hold it over the head
  • Use the covers to transport the bowls in one another and to protect them from dust when not in use
  • Place the bowls on the felt rings when playing on the hard surface to prevent moving and improve the sound
  • And most importantly - have fun with it! Creativity is the best healer for our minds

This set includes: SB-C-250, SB-E-700, SB-E-1000, SB-E-1400, SB-C-1500, SB-E-1800, SB-E-2200, SB-M-LT-L, SB-M-ST-L, SB-M-ST-S, SB-M-LT-S, SB-PDM-F-XL, corresponding covers and felt rings, engravings.

*Please note: this set requires extra time to assemble ~3-7 days. Some substitutions or variations are possible. If anything is substituted, you will receive a bowl or mallet of the same or higher value. The total number of bowls, mallets, and accessories will remain the same.