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246.04 Hz Apsidal Period / Unworried Tuning Fork

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Apsidal Period (Apsidal Precession; Apsidis' Rotation): in Cosmos it's the period that takes for a celestial body to travel a full 360 rotation around its orbit.

The duration of the movement of the elliptical orbit of the Moon around the ecliptic. The two extreme points where the Moon is closest to the Earth and where the Moon is most distant from the Earth create the Apsidal Precession. This line rotates once in about 8.85 years.

Handmade in Germany using the calculations of Hans Cousto (The Cosmic Octave) to match the frequencies of the Planet. A must-have tool for meditation, yoga, sleep, relaxation, sound therapy, and spiritual practices.

  • Therapeutic effect - puts us on the right track and mood removing worries and chaos, freeing us from negative thoughts and emotions
  • Chakra: Sacral 2nd, harmonious connection between your emotion, creativity and sexuality
  • Premium stainless steel - stronger built and superior sound quality compared to aluminum tuning forks
  • Beautiful cork handle - ergonomic durable design for a comfortable grip and prolonged use
  • Use it to tune your body and environment to a higher vibration eliminating redundant energy
  • Includes a natural color cotton pouch for storage and protection
  • Handcrafted masterpiece made in Germany

 Tuning and dimensions:

  • Guaranteed precise tuning to 246.04 Hz / note B3 
  • Size: 6.5″ (16,5 cm). Weight: 2.04 oz / 67,6 g

How to use - Activation by gently striking the middle to the front end of the tuning fork. Apply vibration of the forks to various energy points on palms, head, and body using the tip of the handle.