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432 Hz Meditation Flow Chime 38" / 95 cm 10 Notes C Minor - Black

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Perfect to use indoors or on a covered porch, our meditation flow chime are great grounding and relaxation. These chimes are very easy to use, which makes them perfect for beginners!

They are a must-have for sound therapy and grounding sessions because you can play familiar tunes or experiment with your own music. You can carry them and play while walking around your room or garden.

All notes are perfectly tuned, which allows you to focus on playing and creating mesmerizing sounds for yourself or a group.

The black sound tubes hang on sturdy nylon cords, centered between two ash wood holders that have beautiful etched designs. Both the style and color scheme pairs well with a variety of home decor.

The sound tubes are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and can be played separately or together. Use the attached felt mallet to play the chimes, or swirl them around to create a spherical, soothing sound.

Once you are finished playing, you can hang the chime back on the wall or store it inside the included padded carrying case. The case comes with a soft velvet insert, the mallet, and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for gentle swaying, circling, spinning and twirling
  • Calming and balancing effect on body, mind and spirit
  • Playable from both sides
  • Long-lasting resonance
  • Integrated holder for mallet
  • Tuning: C Minor: C5, Eb5, F5, G5, Bb5, C6, Eb6, F6, G6, Bb6 (A4/a' 432 Hz)
  • Includes: Carry bag, flocked velvet, mallet with felt tip

Dimensions: 21.26" (54 cm) width x 37.24" (94 cm) length x 0.79" depth

Materials: Ash wood, aluminum, leather, nylon cord