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432 Hz Bass Double Drone Flute Low Dm - Sacral Chakra

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This is a 432 Hz Low Bass Drone Flute in D minor. It has a very deep healing sound. Listen to its voice in the video below

A true work of art handcrafted in the USA. It plays in the Native American scale as a 6- or 5-hole flute. The unique design of this 432 Hz drone bass flute is great for traveling, carrying around, and displaying at home as a piece of art. Only 1 was made.



  • Wood: curly Aspen with exotic wood block
  • Unique Features: healing deep sound; double-drone flute; natural mineral staining
  • Key: Low Dm 432 Hz; Sacral Chakra
  • Availability: only 1 was made
  • Handmade in the USA by a professional flute-maker
  • Free & Fast shipping in the USA