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432 Hz Crystal Singing Bowls 9” A, 11” F, 13” D - Harmony Set

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Enhance the positive energy in your life with this set of 432 Hz Crystal Singing Bowls. Perfect for achieving harmonic balance and inner peace.

Each bowl has a specific note A (9"), F (11"), and C (14") that aligns with specific energy centers, promoting a positive outlook on life.

In this 3-piece Harmonic Set, all Crystal Singing Bowls undergo rigorous quality control to ensure the best sound and quality. Every bowl is delivered with a silicone ring to avoid possible impact and to ensure the best sound and quality. Two included mallets allow you to start playing right away.

  • The 432 Hz 3-piece set consists of a carefully chosen trinity of singing bowls
  • Made of the highest purity quartz with incredibly long-lasting sound
  • For positive energy during challenging moments in your life
  • Harmonic triad - three notes that, when played simultaneously, create a harmony
  • 3 tunings for main chakras: A4 Third Eye (432 Hz), F4 Heart (342.88 Hz), D4 Sacral (288.33 Hz)
  • 432 Hz sound healing tuning (A4)

What's included:

Everything you need is already here - beautiful clear silicone rings and professional mallets for superior sound & look

  • 3x Highest Purity Quartz White-Frosted Singing Bowls (9”, 11", 13")
  • 3x White Silicone Rings for Improved Resonance and Look
  • 1x Crystal Singing Bowl Mallet
  • 1x Large Full-Coated Crystal Silicone Rod Mallet

Notes and size information:

  • 9"  / Third Eye: Note A4 (432 Hz) - intuition and awareness
  • 11" /  Heart Chakra: Note F4 (342.88 Hz) - love and healing
  • 13" / Sacral Chakra: Note D4 (288.33 Hz) - abundance and creativity
  • 3 notes create a harmonic match together so you can go ahead and play, creating a healing sound bath; everything you need is already included in the set
  • Weight: 22.1 lbs / 10 kg

Need a carrying bag? You can add a 14" Carrying Bag to keep the bowls from this set together. Please choose one from our Singing Bowls Accessories collection.