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32" Yin Yang Tam Tam Gong- Harmony

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The Chau Tam Tams are handcrafted in China using the same methods and traditions which have been used to create gongs in this region for centuries. With their special bronze alloy and curved rim, these tam tams have a wide range of sound characteristics. From a sustained low hum to a brooding roar to fast explosive crashes, they work in many situations and blend well with other gongs and instruments.

Each tam tam ships with a beater designed to correspond with the tam tam size.

Listen to the 32" Yin Yang Tam Tam Gong:

Yin & Yang represent harmony and balance. They describe two opposites, which, however, do not fight, but complement each other. "The primal principle moves and generates Yang. When the movement reaches its end, it becomes still, and this stillness generates yin." - Alfred Forke

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Special Features:
  • Handcrafted masterpiece by Chinese artisans
  • Large sound characteristics
  • Blends well with other instruments
  • Beautiful design for a yoga studio, retreat, or a house
  • Symbol: Yin & Yang

FREE Extras:

  • Professional beater for 32" Tam Tam
  • Authentic Tam Tam cover for storage
  • Hanging ropes
    Material and Size:
    • Special Bronze Alloy
    • 32 inches (80 cm) diameter