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28" Spiral Gong - Kun Earth

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The Kun Spiral Gongs are traditionally handcrafted by Chinese artisans using a special bronze alloy. These gongs are also known under the name Feng or Sun Gong and have an almost flat shape. This flat shape is known for allowing the gong’s voice to fully open with a wide tonal spectrum and a long sustain.

Lower tones are more dominant when played softly, but with more powerful playing the gong opens up nicely and produces wave-like overtones. Each gong ships with a beater designed to correspond with the gong size.

Listen to the 28" Spiral Gong - Kun Earth:

Kun symbolizes the Earth and the female principle. Kun is also one of the eight Chinese trigrams used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality.

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Special Features:

  • Handcrafted masterpiece traditionally by Chinese artisans
  • Mainly low pitched sound
  • Beautiful wave-like overtones
  • Unique design for a yoga studio, retreat, or a house
  • Symbol: Kun (Earth) 

FREE Extras:

  • Appropriate beater   for 28" gong
  • Gong cover   for 28" gong
  • Hanging ropes

Material and Size:
  • Special Bronze Alloy
  • 28 inches (70 cm) diameter