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174 Hz Solfeggio 12" Crystal Singing Bowl (Earth Tone) - Pain & Stress Relief

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Enter a space of healing and deep connection to the Earth with the 174 Hz Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowl.

The 174 Hz frequency, or the "Earth Tone," is the foundation of the Solfeggio scale. Precisely tuned and meticulously handcrafted from high-purity white frosted quartz, this stunning bowl isn't just an aesthetic addition to your surroundings – it's a powerful instrument for relieving pain, tension, and stress.

Key Benefits:

  • The 174 Hz frequency is known as the "Earth Tone" in the Solfeggio scale. Establish a deep connection between you and the Earth, and enhance your understanding and appreciation of the powerful sound energy.
  • Listening to this frequency may help alleviate physical discomfort and emotional stress, promoting a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Whether you're seeking solace from daily pressures or searching for a natural pain-relief tool, this 174 Hz Solfeggio bowl offers a serene, meditative experience.
  • While not traditionally associated with a specific chakra, the 174 Hz frequency is considered foundational in the Solfeggio scale. It offers an effective way to ground your energy, fostering a sense of stability and balance that promotes ease and relaxation.

Special Features:

  • Each bowl is carefully handcrafted from the highest purity quartz crystals, generating a rich and enduring resonance that fills your environment with calming sound and vibrations.
  • Note F3 (174 Hz) - precise tuning known for its connection to the Earth's energy, facilitating relaxation, healing, and relief from pain and stress.
  • Each bowl is beautifully adorned with a hand-engraved sacred geometry pattern, displaying the "174" number for ease of identification during your sound healing and meditation practice.

Size & Weight:

  • Diameter: 12" (30 cm)
  • Weight: 7.94 lbs (3.6 kg)

What's Included:

  • 1 x 12" 174 Hz Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowl
  • 1 x white silicone ring for optimal resonance and enhanced sound quality

Please note: Mallets are sold separately. Choose one from our collection of Singing Bowl Accessories.

Immerse yourself in the grounding and healing energy of our 174 Hz Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowl. It's more than a simple singing bowl, it's a guide to inner tranquility and a deeper connection with the Earth and yourself.