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24" Wind Gong - Flower of Life

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Get the large 24" Flower of Life Gong with a deeper sound. It is traditionally handcrafted by artisans using a special bronze alloy and the beautiful Flower of Life Symbol.

These gongs are named Feng or Sun Gong and have an almost flat shape. This flat shape allows the gong’s voice to fully open with a wide tonal spectrum and a long sustain.

Lower tones are more dominant when played softly, but with more powerful playing, the gong opens up nicely and produces wave-like overtones. Each gong ships with a beater designed to correspond with the gong size.

Listen to the 24" Wind Gong - Flower of Life:

The Flower of Life represents the origin of all things through sacred geometry. The collaboration of numbers, shapes, and vibrations belongs to the oldest myths of mankind. It is the strive to connect with our origin and to understand ourselves.

Special Features:
  • A handcrafted masterpiece traditionally made with special Bronze alloy
  • Mainly low-pitched sound
  • Wave-like beautiful overtones
  • Symbol: Flower of Life
  • Handcrafted 24" Flower of Life Gong
  • Premium beater for 24" gong
  • Gong cover for 24" gong
  • Hanging ropes for 24" gong
Please note that the Gong Stand is sold separately. You can select one from the Gong Accessories, choose the X-Large size.
    Material and Size:
    • Special Bronze Alloy
    • 24 inches Diameter

    Need a Gong Stand? Choose Gong + Beater + Round Stand X-Large style option when ordering, or select one from the Gong Accessories collection.