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Z-shaped Didgeridoo Tuning C - Root Chakra

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The Z-shaped Didgeridoo is a modern edition of one of the oldest instruments in the world. Thanks to its Z-shape, this didgeridoo offers full volume and tone, but yet is perfect for traveling, because of its small size.

Made from mahogany, this instrument is very durable and provides exceptional tone qualities. A beautiful natural finish completes the look of this truly unique wind instrument. This didgeridoo is tuned to the key of C which corresponds with the Root Chakra.

Special Features:
  • Made from mahogany wood - hard, durable with perfect sound
  • Unique Z-shape - offers full tone and volume at a compact size
  • C tuning - promotes grounding and stability (Root Chakra)
Extra information:
  • Mahogany wood is a hardwood perfect for musical instruments
  • Dimensions: 6.3" (16 cm) x 25.3" (64 cm)
  • Watch the video to hear the sound of this powerful instrument
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