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20" Wind Gong - Flower of Life

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Artisans traditionally handcraft this 20" Flower of Life Wind Gong with a special bronze alloy that produces mainly low-pitched tones. It fully opens with a wide tonal spectrum and a long sustain with wave-like soothing overtones. Each gong ships with a beater and cover. You can also order an optional gong stand to display and use this musical piece of art.

Listen to the 20" Wind Gong - Flower of Life:

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Special Features:

  • Handcrafted 20" Wind Gong - one of a kind masterpiece traditionally handcrafted in China by using a special bronze alloy that produces a wide frequency of undertones and overtones to create a sound spectrum that envelopes you as you play
  • For sound healing therapy, meditation, and yoga — this Flower of Life Wind Gong produces sounds and vibrations that calm your mind, relax your body, center your being, and block out distractions. Just sit back and experience the healing sounds.
  • Unique hand-hammered flat shape — traditionally known as Feng or Sun Gong that features a nearly flat profile for a truly open wide voice and long enveloping sound
  • Rich tonal frequencies — you will experience lower deep tones when played softly. But with a little more power, the gong opens up beautifully and produces wave-like soothing overtones.
  • Engraved Flower of Life symbol - represents the origin of all things through sacred geometry connecting you with the origin of the Universe and Yourself.
  • The beater, cover, and hanging ropes are included - we will include everything you need, so you can play right away by holding the gong with one hand and using the beater. Use the cover to store the gong safely.
  • Optional gong stand - use it for display and storage. Switch between different ways of playing by easily picking up or hanging the gong back when needed


  • Handcrafted 20" Flower of Life Gong
  • Premium beater for 20" Gong
  • Gong cover for 20" Gong
  • Pre-attached hanging ropes
Please note that the Gong Stand is sold separately. You can select one from the Gong Accessories.

    Material and Size:

    • Special Bronze Alloy
    • 20 inches (50.8 cm)

    Need a Gong Stand? Choose Gong + Beater +  Round Stand Large style option when ordering, or select one from the Gong Accessories collection.