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Magnetic Pickup for Handpan Amplification

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The Magnetic Pickup allows you to amplify a handpan (or any other metal instrument) and get an even greater sound out of it. Share the sound with a larger audience or record it with professional quality.

This pickup is ideal for Handpans (metal hand drums) and Steel Tounge Drums. It is especially helpful on larger stages, in interaction with louder instruments, and for experimental playing.

Special Features:
  • Magnetic Piezo pickup - professional sound and quality
  • Amplify, record, or route the sound to the speakers or headphones
  • Integrated volume regulator - adjust the sound to your situation
  • Impedance: 100 kΩ; Frequency: 40Hz – 12Khz
  • 6.3 mm output jack and 2.5 m long cable

The volume level is adjustable on the fly with the integrated volume slider. Watch the video to hear how it sounds!