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Dual Didgeridoo Dot-Painted E - Solar Plexus Navel Chakra

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The Sliced Pro Didgeridoo is a modern edition of one of the oldest instruments in the world. Thanks to a screw mechanism, you can separate the didgeridoo into two pieces, which makes it perfect for traveling. The included bag ensures safe transportation.

A filigree dot-painted finish completes the stunning look of this instrument. The didgeridoo is tuned to the tone E.

Special Features:

  • Made from mahogany wood - superb tonal quality and durability
  • A filigree dot-painted finish - completes the stunning look of this instrument
  • Two-piece unique screw mechanism -  makes it perfect for traveling and storage
  • Great for beginners and experienced pros - easy to play if you are just getting started and plenty of room to experiment with different sounds if you already got your style
  • Practice circular breathing — this didgeridoo serves as an ideal instrument to practice circular breathing techniques
  • Great for meditation - this didgeridoo has a calming, meditative effect when played is a perfect instrument to have at home, yoga, or meditation space
  • Tuning: E - Navel Chakra: power, purpose and wisdom
  • Inclusive: Bag

Watch the video to hear the sound of this powerful instrument


  • Length:  61.2" (155.5 cm
  • Inner diameter mouthpiece: 1.2" (3 cm)
  • Inner diameter soundhole: 3.3" (8.4 cm)