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432 Hz Pro Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Set of 7 - Pure White Frosted Quartz

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 It is 432 Hz perfectly tuned to seven chakras in all seven notes. Professionally designed with everything you need to create your perfect sound bath.

These white-frosted Crystal Singing Bowls by Sonic Energy are handmade of the highest purity quartz. They create an outstanding sound with long-lasting, spherical tones that spread throughout the space and create a pleasant aura.

How to play

Simply tap the singing bowls gently or rub them in circles with the included mallets. You can feel the strong vibrations and sweet energy in the entire surrounding, be it your home, studio, or sacred space.


In this 7-piece Chakra Set, all Crystal Singing Bowls go through the rigorous quality control individually and in as a set. They are delivered with beautiful clear silicone rings for the best sound quality and professional mallets: one medium crystal rod, one large silicone rod, and one rubber mallet allow you to start playing right away.

  • Designed with unmatched quality control for harmonic sound and purity
  • 75+ years of experience making musical instruments
  • Precise tuning made for professional use / 432 Hz (A4)
  • Extremely long-lasting resonance and superior volume
  • A perfect gift or professional set to start or elevate your practice

Notes and size information

  • 7 Tunings for each chakra: C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4, B4
  • 14" 432 Hz / Note C / Root Chakra - grounding and stability
  • 13" 432 Hz / Note D / Sacral Chakra - abundance and creativity
  • 12" 432 Hz / Note E / Solar Plexus - power and manifestation
  • 11" 432 Hz / Note F / Heart Chakra - love and healing
  • 10" 432 Hz / Note G / Throat Chakra - expression and communication
  • 9" 432 Hz / Note A / Third Eye - intuition and awareness
  • 8" 432 Hz / Note B / Crown Chakra - enlightenment and spirituality
  • 7 notes create a perfect match together so you can simply go ahead and play, everything you need is already included in the set
  • Approx. weight of 50 lbs (22 kg), due to handmade nature may vary

What's included

Everything you need is already here - beautiful clear silicone rings and professional mallets for superior sound & look

  • 7 Highest Purity Quartz White-Frosted Singing Bowls (14”, 13", 12", 11", 10", 9", 8")
  • 7x White Silicone Rings for Improved Resonance and Look
  • 1x Full-Coated Crystal Silicone Rod Mallet
  • 1x Half-Coated Crystal Silicone Rod Mallet
  • 1x Rubber Ball Mallet with Wooden Handle
  • Carrying Bags are not included: 2x XL-Bags & Protective Sleeves are suggested for traveling

Extra details

    99.99% pure Quartz crystal bowls with the perfect tuning of each bowl and sound testing of the whole set: B4 (484.9 Hz); A4 (432 Hz); G4 (384.87 Hz); F4 (342.88 Hz); E4 (323.63 Hz); D4 (288.33 Hz); C4 (256.87 Hz)