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Origin Singing Bowls Complete Set Made in India

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Why choose one bowl when you can get a complete Origin Series Singing Bowl Set? Step up your sound journeys and make your space unique with the unforgettable look, natural feel, and strong vibrations of these handmade singing bowls. The bowls are packed with raw energy, ideal for yoga, meditation, and sound therapy practices.

This singing bowl set now comes with the Professional Sapele Wood Double-Sided Mallet (Made in Germany) instead of the one in the first picture. It allows for the different sounds to be produced when playing the bowls.
The untreated surface connects you to the origin of the special elements, and the included mallet makes it easy to produce beautifully deep sounds.

  • The set includes all 3 origin raw metal singing bowls: 600g, 700g, and 900g
  • Includes 1 mallet with a natural felt tip on a wooden handle
  • The untreated surface makes every bowl unique
  • Professionally made out of special Bronze alloy
  • Engraved logo on the bottom of each bowl
  • FREE extras: corresponding covers and felt rings for each bowl
  • Handcrafted masterpieces made in India

Due to the handmade nature of these singing bowls, please allow slight variations in their size, look, and weight. Total weight ~ 2200 g / 77.6 oz