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36" Large Wing Gong - Special Bronze

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This 36" Wind Gong is traditionally handcrafted by using a special bronze alloy to produce a powerful low sound with beautiful clashing overtones.

The shape is almost flat, and due to this, the vibration of the gong spreads out extremely wide with a long sustain. The sound characteristic is mainly low pitched, and by playing the gong more powerfully it opens up nicely with sizzling overtones.

Listen to the 36" Wind Gong:

Each gong ships with a beater designed to correspond with the gong size.

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Special Features:

  • Handcrafted masterpiece traditionally made by Chinese artisans
  • Mainly low pitched sound
  • Beautiful wave-like sizzling overtones
  • Symbol: Feng (Wind)

FREE Extras:

  • Premium beater for 36" Gong
  • Gong cover for 36" Gong
  • Hanging ropes

Material and Size:

  • Special Bronze Alloy
  • 36 inches (91. 44 cm) diameter