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Spirit Bass Very Low Key of B - Native American Style Flute Spanish Cedar

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The Spirit Flute Traditional Bass Low Key of B is the lowest deepest tone we have for our Native American Traditional style flutes. Super deep low notes and clear warm highs. The unique design of this bass flute is great for traveling, carrying around, and also to display at home. The re-designed mouthpiece provides better breath control, so you can play longer on one breath, and minimizes moisture build-up. It can be played as a 5 or 6 hole flute. The Spirit Bass flute in the key of B is 25 inches (64 cm) long.

  • Wood: sustainable Spanish Cedar
  • Features: woodwork art, 1.5-inch bore, contemporary design
  • Key: very low B
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Extras: FREE leather tie for the 6th hole, FREE instructional DVD and booklet
  • Free shipping in the US

Larger finger holes compared to the 1-inch Condor Bass make this Spirit Flute slightly harder to play.