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Nature's Art F# Signature Limited Series Native American Style Flute

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The rare madrone wood with the beautifully handcrafted walnut is Nature’s perfection. That is why only a limited number of madrone Native flutes are made. With age, the madrone fades gracefully creating beautiful pattern transitions.

Only 1 left! No more flutes of this style will be made. Last chance to get it!

Madrone has unique tonal qualities that create clean clear high notes and have a smooth voice on the lower end. The wood patterns are individual and the combination of the natural beauty and exceptional voice gave this flute the name “Nature's Art”.

  • Wood: madrone burl (beautiful and rare) & walnut (domestic & sustainable)
  • Features: improved airflow & breath control, unmatched sound performance
  • Key: F#
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Extras: FREE leather tie for the 6th hole, beginner-intermediate instructional videos and e-booklet
  • Free & fast shipping in the US

The contrast of the black walnut bird fetish on the top of the flute compliments the natural look and adds to create beautiful art. There is a stone inlay in the fetish bird and highlights the intricate patterns of the burl wood.

Madrone trees are native to the western coastal areas of North America, from British Columbia to California. The hardwood combination of madrone and walnut creates a durable flute, making it ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

Tuned in the key of F# minor, this Madrone Magic flute can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of A. It is 22.25 inches (56 cm) long with a 1-inch (2.5 cm) bore diameter.

The Signature Limited Series designed to be both a musical instrument as well as a piece of beautiful artwork.  The precision tuning makes it possible for each Signature Flute to become the favorite wind instrument of any musician.

This flute utilizes a unique airflow design that provides exceptional responsiveness and player control, superior amplification, and makes it ideal for a wide range of musical styles, recordings, and performances.