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Kestrel "high F#" Signature Flute - Native American Sound for Clarity

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Kestrel Signature has one of the sweetest clear voices. The song of this flute the mind becomes clear and focused. The signature more sophisticated internal air flow structure sets the Kestrel apart from the beginners flutes and gives you a truly unique professional sound. Beautifully covered with natural turquoise stones. Handcrafted from a solid piece of wood with the inquisitive artwork. The hidden gem with the small size that you can take anywhere to feel happy.

  • Wood: sustainable aromatic cedar
  • Features: signature flute, turquoise gemstones, woodwork art
  • Key: high F sharp (professionally tuned)
  • Handmade in USA
  • Extras: FREE intermediate instructional DVD and booklet
  • Free shipping in the US

* signature flutes are designed with a special air chamber to minimize air turbulence resulting in a more clear and responsive voice providing smooth playability and exceptional clarity that artists and professional musicians adore