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432 Hz 10" Practitioner Crystal Singing Bowl with Handle Note F - Heart Chakra

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Indulge in the pure, refined elegance of this 10" Heart Chakra Practitioner Singing Bowl, crafted with the finest 99.99% quartz crystals and a sleek, translucent handle.

The precise 432 Hz Note F tuning produces a resonant and all-encompassing sound, perfect for aligning the heart center.

Gentle taps or strokes create a lasting, spherical resonance that envelops the entire environment, while the lightweight and effortless handle allows for comfortable standing play, giving you full control over the sound for an enhanced musical experience.


  • 432 Hz sound healing frequency
  • Heart Chakra: Note F4 (342.88 Hz) - love and healing
  • High-purity quartz bowl and hollow pure clear quartz handle
  • Precisely control the direction of healing vibrations during a sound bath
  • Perfect for use at home or for professional sound therapy
  • Extremely long-lasting sound and vibrations that can you control

The handle allows the healing vibrations to be sent directly to a specific location in the room. This Singing Bowl is perfect for use at your home, studio, or professional sound baths.

The corresponding Heart Chakra promotes confidence, optimism, warmth, cheerfulness, compassion, and helpfulness.

You can use Crystal Singing Bowls for a variety of purposes: Chakra healing, meditation, sound therapy, yoga, improving your home Fengshui, adjusting your emotional state, or even for room decorating.


  • 10" (25 cm) diameter